Everything you need to know about rowing

   Rowing is one of the most important and famous sports in history, dating back to 1430 BC. BC. It was first practiced as a means of transportation before the Romans turned it into a sport reserved only for soldiers and leaders. The Spartans also played it, and even ancient Egypt knew this sport, which is why Amenhotep II became famous: one of the most important people to practice this game, along with Minister Sifuti. The 14th century AD is considered the oldest era of the game and Faisal was instrumental in its popularity and continuation. At this time the game evolved from a game for princes and knights to a game for everyone, so festivals were held in Venice, Venice in Italy and Copenhagen. In Denmark, Gdansk, Poland, Moravia and Bohemia (today the Czech Republic)

The 17th century gave this game a very glorious century. The first official tournament was held in his honor in Paris and the participants had to cover a distance of 80 meters on the Seine. In the same century two festivals also took place in Berlin and Warsaw.

A game with conditions

Rowing is one of the games for which special conditions, requirements and rules apply that are binding for the practice of rowing. For example, it requires a certain weight, height and length, which does not violate any of its rules. For example, the rower's weight must be 14 kilograms and not less, and the competitor's weight must be 56 kilograms. The participant's weight cannot exceed this weight for women, while for men the requirement is 75 kilograms and their weight cannot exceed this weight.

Rowing competitions are held on a fixed course of calm water measuring 2,000 meters and perhaps the equivalent of 5,600 feet. The length of arms used in racing varies according to their number, so the eight is 18.9 long, the four is 1305 long, the pair is 10.4 long and the single arm is 8.2 long.

How to play rowing sports

Rowing is played according to a set of rules and specifications that must be followed and that determine how this sport is practiced correctly and appropriately, as these specifications include a series of dimensions that relate to the height and weight of both players. And equipment.

Benefits of rowing

Rowing is one of the oldest sports that helps the body get in shape. It helps move all the muscles in the body, from the shoulders and neck to the foot muscles.

Regular rowing energizes the body and increases endurance, contributes to adequate oxygen supply, stimulates and strengthens the immune system, relieves back pain and discomfort, and improves standing and sitting positions.

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