Anthony and his girlfriend... Details of the crisis that shook Brazil and Manchester United

Anthony and his girlfriend... Details of the crisis that shook Brazil and Manchester United

English club Manchester United is in the midst of a new crisis surrounding its star striker Anthony after he was expelled from the Brazilian national team after his ex-girlfriend accused him of physically assaulting her and threatening to kill her.

The Brazilian press published Gabriela Cavallin's allegations, which Anthony described as "false" on Monday.

The new developments come two weeks after the club waived the services of their young striker Mason Greenwood despite dropping rape allegations against him. 

Brazil without Anthony 

The Brazilian team is now preparing for their 2026 World Cup qualifiers against Bolivia and Peru after Anthony, 23, was left out of the squad due to the crisis.

The Brazilian Football Federation said in a statement: "Due to the facts that have come to light and need to be investigated, and in order to protect the alleged victim, the player and the Brazilian team, the Brazilian Football Federation has withdrawn the rights to the team."

His girlfriend's allegations 

Kavalin works as a DJ and social media influencer and has almost half a million followers on Instagram.

Anthony and Kavalin began dating in 2021 before he moved to Manchester United from Ajax Amsterdam in 2022.

Cavalin claimed in allegations accompanied by photos and WhatsApp messages that the Sao Paulo-born player first attacked her in June last year while she was carrying her son and vacationing in Brazil.

She claimed Anthony became angry after seeing her at a nightclub he also visited and "put her in the car, repeatedly assaulted her and threatened to throw her out of the car at high speed."

“He said if I wasn’t with him I wouldn’t be with anyone else. I was shaking in fear,” Kavalin said.

The second attack reportedly occurred in Manchester on January 15, a day after United's 2-1 win over Manchester City.

Cavallin said Anthony "hit her in the chest and left her in a hotel room needing medical attention." He added: "He told me it was not my intention to hurt you. It was an accident and not a punch." But he revealed a photo of a head injury he sustained as a result of the alleged attack. .

According to Anthony's girlfriend, a third attack occurred on May 8 when she said her boyfriend "tried to attack her face with a glass during an argument."

Kavalin explained, "While attempting to defend himself, he sustained a deep wound on the finger of his right hand, exposing the bone."

While rushing to book a flight back to Brazil, he wrote a letter to the travel agent saying, “I have to get out of here before it kills me.”

These allegations, reported to police in Sao Paulo and Manchester, sparked outrage in both Brazil and Britain.

Anthony responds with a statement

  • “I can safely say that I am innocent of the allegations made.”

  • “My relationship with Lady Gabriella was turbulent and was insulted by both of us. “Both parties, but I did not commit physical aggression.”

  • “She repeatedly changed her story about the alleged attacks.”

  • “I therefore firmly reject these allegations and would like to make it clear that I remain ready to explain everything necessary to the Brazilian authorities.”
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