Selena Gomez reacts crazy to Messi's missed opportunity in the Inter Miami match

Selena Gomez reacts crazy to Messi's missed opportunity in the Inter Miami match

Several international stars attended Inter Miami's game, in which Argentine star Lionel Messi plays, against the Los Angeles team, which was played in the American League early Monday morning. Notable attendees included Britain's Prince Harry, Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Owen Wilson, and comedian Will. Ferrell is a member of the Los Angeles Football Club ownership group.

However, it was American singer Selena Gómez who caught the attention of everyone in attendance with her dramatic reaction to one of Argentine star Lionel Messi's missed chances in the 37th minute, when he dribbled and went past several Los Angeles players. alone with the bow and shot the ball, but the Los Angeles goalkeeper stopped it immediately. The latter showed signs of astonishment on Gómez's face in a way that attracted attention.
Messi scored two goals to contribute to Inter Miami's 3-1 victory over Los Angeles, the defending American Professional League champions, while Messi scored two passes in the second half to teammate Jordi Alba, his former Barcelona teammate and Leonardo Bell distributed. after player Facundo Farias opened the scoring for his team. Inter Miami in minute 1 of the first half.

The win placed Inter Miami in 14th place in the American League standings with 25 points, while the Los Angeles team is in third place in the American League standings with 40 points.

Lionel Messi has so far appeared in 11 games for Inter Miami, scoring 11 goals, winning 10 times and also scoring 5 goals since joining the American club from Paris Saint-Germain last July. 

Inter Miami is approaching a new record with Messi in 2023 

American team Inter Miami continued their unbeaten streak led by Argentinian star Lionel Messi after defeating Los Angeles FC 3-1 in American League competitions.
Opta, the global network specializing in statistics, announced that the Inter Miami team has not lost any of 11 games in all tournaments since Argentine star Messi's first appearance in the US national team jersey.
He added that FC Cincinnati is considered the only team that currently has a longer unbeaten streak than Inter Miami in the current 2023 (14 consecutive games in April and June).

Messi has been involved in at least one goal in 23 of his last 26 away games, a streak that dates back to May 2022.
Messi played for 90 minutes and did not score for the team, but scored two goals during the game, and Inter Miami maintained their unbeaten record since Messi's first appearance.

Lionel Messi played 11 games for Inter Miami in all competitions, scoring 11 goals and scoring 5 goals, leading the team to win the League Cup title and qualify for the 2023 US Open Cup Final. Cincinnati Editions. 

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