Learn about the most prominent answers of Cristiano Ronaldo via the lie detector... video

Learn about the most prominent answers of Cristiano Ronaldo via the lie detector...video


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, a player for Saudi team Al-Nasr, underwent a lie detector test that exposed him to a series of embarrassing moments after it was revealed that he had lied in his answers to some questions.

This happened during Ronaldo's appearance in a video on the famous platform "BINANCE", in an experiment in which he underwent an experiment, the idea of which was mainly based on putting the guest on a lie detector to check the veracity of his statements.

Some replies showed that Cristiano Ronaldo is saying the opposite of what he believes. Perhaps the most notable concerns the possibility of Portugal winning the World Cup, to which the 37-year-old veteran Portuguese star replied: Yes, but the lie detector showed the lack of sincerity in your answer.

The Portuguese star gave the most exciting answer when asked if he was the top goalscorer in the history of football. The Portuguese star answered yes and the device confirmed the veracity of the answer.

Al-Ahly Jeddah ignores Al-Wahda player and negotiates with Al-Nasr defender 

According to media reports, the management of Saudi Arabia's Al-Ahly Jeddah Club has withdrawn from negotiations with Al-Wahda Club for the services of left-back Islam Hawsawi due to high financial demands.

The Al-Ahly Jeddah team suffered a resounding defeat against its host team Al-Fateh with a score of 5-1 on the fifth day of the match at the Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Sports City Stadium Saudi tournament. League competition in the current 2023-2024 season.

Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadiah said that Al-Ahly management had previously presented Al-Wahda with an official offer of 20 million riyals, but Al-Wahda declined and demanded 40 million riyals to give up the remaining contract term of the player . which was rejected by the management of Saudi club Al-Ahly.

The newspaper added that the directors of Al-Ahly club decided to hire Majed Qashish, the Al-Nasr player, after sending his club an official offer that does not reject his transfer as long as an agreement is reached with him consists player. However, he continues his negotiations with the Damac club for the services of Abdullah Al-Ammar, as Al-Ahly's offer was increased to 8 million instead of the previous offer of 5 million riyals.

The newspaper stated that Al-Nasr's management would reject the offer a second time because it wanted a higher amount than the amount offered.
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